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Taekwondo. Why I made the right choice…

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There are only so many things in life you can claim, with a 100%
certainty, without doubt or regret that you made the right choice.
For me, Taekwondo was one such decision.  I started Taekwondo before
my HSC exams in 2004 to help me improve my focus for my studies, to
improve my health and energy levels, and also develop confidence in my
wellbeing.  It also seemed like something really enjoyable.

When I first came to watch Eastern Suburbs Taekwondo, I was
immediately impressed by the safe and friendly learning environment,
but the constant motivation to be better, and adherence to the
principles and philosophy of taekwondo: courtesy, integrity, modesty,
perseverence, self control and indominatable spirit.  I wanted to make
that a part of my life, and have done so ever since.

I found that taekwondo really complimented an academically rigorous
lifestyle, and it contributed greatly to my achievements in that area.
 I trained consistently and regularly without compromise throughout
the 5 years of my university career and graduated with distinction and
won academic prizes.  I found that if I worked my education and
activities around taekwondo, and made the principles a part of my
life, I developed true success, resilience and insight into my studies
and other aspects of my life.

Now a qualified legal professional, I remain as dedicated to Taekwondo
as I was the day I started. As it served me well in high school and
university, I find it serves me extremely well in my professional
endeavours. I attribute a lot of my success to the practice of
Taekwondo and the internalisation of the philosophies.

There are few things you can say you truly dedicate your life to, and
for me, Taekwondo is one of those things. I've enjoyed the many years
practicing, but I know the years that follow will only get better and

Andrew Low
B. Commerce/Law
12 June 1987