Taekwondo Training is Good Fun, Great for Fitness and Mental Discipline

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I was always quite self-disciplined when it came to academia but as I became a bit older I found that same level of self-discipline did not apply to my personal fitness or my waist line.

As a young man at the age of 22 I was quite shocked to discover I had put on 11 kilograms in the 4 years after I finished high-school and realised that I needed to make a positive change for the better. For me that change was Taekwondo.

I am proud to say that now at the age of 33, I am as trim and fit as I was when I was 18, the difference of course is that I now know how to defend myself should the need arise.

My main motivation to continue Taekwondo training as a young man in a highly stressful job and with a young family is to stay fit and healthy. From a psychological perspective, I find that no matter how stressful a day I have experienced, I can attend Taekwondo training and at the end of the training session I feel calm, stress-free and at peace with the world.

When I think back to my Taekwondo skill level and lack of flexibility when I started training, it is hard to believe how much I have achieved. While I will never be a world champion fighter, nor am I the most flexible student, I can hold my own in a bout and my core strength, flexibility and speed have increased markedly over time. I am living proof that anyone can train in taekwondo and become a competent martial artist given sufficient motivation and training!

I look forward to my training sessions every week and Taekwondo is a very important part of my life and lifestyle.

I would recommend Taekwondo training at Eastern Suburbs Taekwondo to anyone who is interested in learning self-defence, improving their fitness, flexibility and mental discipline and critically having fun.

Lesli Berger

General Manager

Fivex Commercial Property