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Taekwondo Lifestyle

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I started Taekwondo as a chubby high school kid (about 14 years of age), and I stopped after 6 months of training. However, something about the atmosphere made me return when I was 17 (just after my HSC) and I haven’t stopped for the past 12 years. Lindsay & Maria have been there with me every step of the way, from falling on my backside to throwing dynamic well-balanced movements. ..they will always guide you with utmost integrity.

  • Age will not hold you back in our school
  • Flexibility & Co-ordination can be developed
  • Our Taekwondo family is warm and welcoming

Taekwondo & My Life

Taekwondo represents the pillars supporting my life. Everything I create within the philosophy and holistic training of the art seamlessly permeates all the events for which I experience from a day to day basis. As a young professional now (24 years of age), I can’t help but notice the number of my peers who yearn for direction and clarity within our rapidly moving times. I do not experience the same troubles. I live with purpose, gratitude, confidence and smiles.

Sometimes it gets hazy as with everything in life, but I come back to my relationship with the art and know that if  I continually seek to align myself with its “ideals”, then success & clarity becomes an inevitability.

Is Taekwondo for You?

Like the breath, the art of taekwondo has existed timelessly within different lifeforms. Something as sacred & priceless as this has to count for something.  Taekwondo is for everybody but not everybody is for Taekwondo.  Its something you have to experience first, to then decide for yourself.  =)


Jonathan Low
Black Belt Taekwondo Student