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At Home Taekwondo Training

Taekwondo One and their ZOOM Taekwondo Classes are committed to your learning, discovery and development. They give every student the opportunity to be the very best they can be. 

One of the main benefits of Taekwondo is improving a health and balance. Because Taekwondo depends on kicking, practitioners learn to balance their weight on one leg to leave the other one free to strike.

This also helps strengthen the muscles of the torso. Taekwondo can also help improve coordination. Arm and leg muscles become stronger as a child practices strikes.

Learning the patterns and sequences of taekwondo requires concentration and attention, and sparring requires focus on both one’s self and one’s opponent.

Taekwondo teaches breathing and meditation techniques to assist in learning focus.

Self-confidence can be developed over a period of time. As students dedicate themselves to a goal in Taekwondo, like learning a particular strike, earning a belt or practicing how to break a board, they gain confidence as they observe their own progress and increasing mastery.

This self-confidence can then be carried over into other areas of your life.
Taekwondo will not only teach self-defense skills to directly deter bullies, but taking Taekwondo might prevent your child from becoming a bully. 

When you are thinking about enrolling your child in a new activity, consider Taekwondo as an option. They will learn respect, courtesy and honor in a martial art that continues evolving.

Of course as parents you too can do Taekwondo. The sport is designed for students of all ages and abilities. Instead of standing on the sidelines, you can get in your workout and relieve a little stress as well. The family that kicks together, sticks together!

Taekwondo One provides you with the opportunity of developing flexibility, focus, strength and power, in an atmosphere that is mutually respectful and has a gender ratio of approximately 50/50…and, with our ZOOM Taekwondo classes, in your own home or office.

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